CSI     Crash Science and Investigation, Inc.
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Mark W. Sexton
     Accident Reconstructionist

Crash Science and Investigation

Looking for a reconstructionist you can trust? Look no further!

CSI is a complete Accident Investigation and Reconstruction company.  We have a certified Accident Reconstructionist, Professional Engineers, Aircraft Accident Investigators, and field researchers on staff.  Our reconstructionist has been recognized as an expert in accident investigation and reconstruction.  Our qualified staff will provide you with over 75 years of combined experience. We specialize in automobile accidents, roadway analysis and engineering, railroad crossing collisions and signage, and aircraft collision investigation, and commercial motor carrier accidents.

Why we stand out from the rest:

Over 75 years of combined experience  

We are CSI

  • Dependable and Honest Reputation
  • Qualified Professionals
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Investigation, Reconstruction, and Roadway Analysis

We use Total Station laser transit measuring devices combined with the Cad Zone software.  This allows accurate measuring of a scene.  We are able to create a panoramic 3 dimensional view of any collision.  The 3D view can accurately confirm or discount any visual obstructions.  Additionally, 3D annimations can present a view from inside any vehicle and give an actual view of what a driver sees. This virtual experience combined with our testimony will present a detailed exhibit for any jury.

There is no job to big or to small.

A detailed Curriculum Vitae and fee information are available upon request.


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