CSI     Crash Science and Investigation, Inc.
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We are proud to be a comprehensive accident investigation company.  Our commitment to honesty and integrity makes us the right company for you.

You won't find a better level of service anywhere!

Our list of services include, but not limited too:


                                                Single Vehicle Accidents

                                      -Mechanical Failure

                                      -Lighting, lamps, Operational

-Phantom Vehicle

-Rollovers and Vaults

-Time and Distance


                               Seat Belt Analysis

                                     -Safety Restraint System Analysis

                                     -Seat Belt Usage, Availability and Functionability

                                     -Child Passenger Restraint

  Multiple Vehicle Accidents

-Accident Sequence Analysis

-Chain Reaction Accidents

-Time and Distance


Automobile Accidents

-Multiple Automobiles

-Automobiles and Pedestrians

-Automobiles and Bicyclist

-Rollover and Vaults

-Associated Mechanical Failures

-Automobile and Trains

-Automobile and Buses

-Automobile and Motorcycles

-Automobile and Stationary Objects

                              Railroad Crossing Accidents

                                      -Line of Sight Obstruction

                                      -Stopping Sight Distance

                                      -Grades and Approach
  -Signage and Marking
                                      -Crossing conditions

 Commercial Motor Vehicle Collisions
                                               -Inspection of Commercial Motor Vehicles
                                               -Commercial Motor Vehicles and Passenger Automobiles
                                               -Commercial Motor Vehicles Braking Systems
                                               -Post Crash Inspection
                                               -Speed Analysis
                                               -Trailer Underride
                                    Motorcycle Accidents 
                                               -Tire Mark Analysis
                                               -Motorcycle Operational Design
                                               -Post Crash Inspection
                                               -Brake System Analysis
                                               -Operator Control Analysis
                                               -Damage Analysis
                                               -Motorcycle Dynamics
                                               -Vaults and Falls
                                               -Time and Distance
                                               -Driver/Rider Injury Patterns
                                               -Safety Equipment and Clothing
                                               -Helmet Inspection And Analysis

                                     Auto vs. Pedestrian Accidents
                                               -Pedestrian Dynamics
                                               -Pedestrian Movement And Speed At Impact
                                               -Vehicle Movement And Speed At Impact
                                               -Nighttime Analysis
                                               -Pedestrian Injury Patterns And Analysis
                                               -Vehicle Damage Patterns And Analysis
                                               -Perception And Reaction Time
                                               -Vehicle Headlight Profiling
                                               -Pedestrian Visibility Analysis

                                    Aircraft Accidents                                             
                                               -In flight break up
                                               -In flight fire investigation
                                               -Metal fatigue investigation
                                               -Human Factors in aircraft collision

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